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Purpose built kennels for your dog

Dog KennelsBeautifully located on the shoreline, with fresh sea breeze from the Irish Sea. You will find our small personal boarding kennels offering a high level of personal care and attention specifically adapted to suit your dogs kennel requirements.

Our small purpose built kennel unit comprises of the following features and benefits.

  • Individual Kennel units with automatic water system and heating as standard.
  • Genuine luxury vet bedding
  • Open run area to allow play
  • Twice daily walks through our private fields or surrounding beach area.
  • Free bath on final day, if stay is over 5 days.

Each guest of our boarding kennels is assessed on the following upon arrival.

  • Eating habits.
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Behavioural Characteristics.
  • Medication.

Please note that all guests require a full up to date vaccination card including kennel cough upon arrival.